Saturday, January 14, 2012

Soothing mauves and greens ... You and me forever

I did go to art school many many years ago but always disliked having to work with the color wheel so I basically ignored it and still do when I make things.  Sometimes people make comments about the "unusual" color combinations they find in my art work, being it with colored fleece, yarn or paint.  I've thought of going back and study the color wheel to see what is suppose to work well together and what not but I've been told not to do just that and keep going with whatever I think feels and looks right.  Doing that makes my work what it is, makes it just a bit different from others and as long as it looks good to me and good enough to others I'm happy.  

Today I put together this treasury for you ... mauves, greens, pink and purples ... I love these colors.  Makes me think of rhubarb.   Hope you like it as well!  The treasury that is ...  

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