Saturday, February 4, 2012

Itty bitty hearts in a tin

These crocheted little hearts (6 of them) come in a perfect little metal tin.  I had crocheted these little guys and went looking for a box to put them in.  I couldn't believe it when I found these little heart shaped tin boxes in the wedding favor section of my local craft store!  I'll be making some more of these in different colors.  You can use these for so many different things.  Use them in scrapbooking, embellish your baby or kids clothes with them, turn them into earrings, glue them on a hair clip, use them for making a mini banner or garland, sew or glue some old (or new) buttons on top and turn them into a brooch ... I can keep on going listing more ideas on how to use them.  So, no excuse not to buy them! Click on this link to get to them in my BitsOfFiber shop: Then when they are all used up you have the cutest little heart shaped box left which you can use to store, sewing pins, paperclips, buttons, etc.  Makes for a perfect little Valentine's gift for that special someone!  I bet your mom would love one of these ... hint, hint!  

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