Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hating cancer

I never use the word hate, it's just a bad word ... disliking would be a better word to use but today I am using it.  Using it to let you know I "hate cancer"!  My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer 18 yrs ago.  She finally lost her battle last year in April.  My husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer 3 yrs ago.  He underwent a tricky surgery to remove a 10 lb tumor (we named Chucky).  Thank God he's doing fine now.  Then dad got diagnosed with lung cancer and also passed away last year in June.  Now mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The good news is that it hasn't spread.  She just had surgery and is doing pretty good considering she's 77 and gone through a lot this past year.  I'll be going over to help her when she comes out of the hospital.  I realize I'm not the only person having to go through sad, bad, crappy times and most of the time I can handle times like that ... but today it all hit me like a brick wall and I decided it's okay for me to say I hate cancer.   

So, to get my mind focused in the right direction to get ready to head on over to help mom I made these treasuries for her, my dad, my best friend Erna, my dear husband and for all of those who have lost the battle or won the battle against cancer.   Pink in my world doesn't just stand for breast cancer, to me it represents any kind of cancer. It's okay to say you "hate cancer". 

P.S.: both my Etsy shops are in "Vacation Mode" for the next couple of weeks.  If all goes as planned I will re-open shop on March 19th.  Thanks for understanding.  

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