Friday, March 23, 2012

Home again

Feels good to be home again.  Mom is doing pretty good after her mastectomy.  Wound is healing nicely.  Only thing that sucks right now is that she might still need chemo and radiation.  Her own surgeon didn't think it was necessary but his boss and the board of doctors that reviews the cancer cases happening in that hospital really think she should.  I'm just worried because of how underweight she is.  If she has any bad reaction towards the chemo, which I know doesn't always happen, she really can not afford to loose more weight.  But, we'll see what next week will bring.  That's when the decision will be made after they do another scan tomorrow.

So, I'm back in the US for now and I'm praying I don't need to make another trip to Belgium in the near future because that would mean more bad news.  I'm really ready for some good news this time.

While visiting with mom I was busy making some more baby items for my shop.  I just need to put the finishing touches on just about all of the things I made, take photos and then I'll be listing them.

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  1. Our thoughts are with you and I hope your mum is on the road to recovery and doesn't need the chemo.