Friday, March 30, 2012

Surgery ... again

You know that word I hate "cancer" well it's back and I hate it even more now!  My mom has to go back into the hospital to have another surgery.  Somehow a 2 mm cancer spot was either missed, grew or by accident (pretty scary if that's what really happened!) placed in mom's lymph nodes under her arm.  She's been doing fantastic since the mastectomy last month, no issues with her arm and now this ... something doesn't add up which is the frustrating part.  When doctors tell you that a mistake during her original biopsy could be the cause of this how are you suppose to react to that!  Anger, frustration and sadness.  I pray mom's recovery will be just as good as with her first surgery.  This surgery is physically not as complicated but I tell you mentally this one is doing a number on her as well as on the rest of the family.  She's mostly worried about the chemo and radiation that they said will have to follow which I totally understand as we all watched dad having to go through that process last year about this time. 

So I'm off to go see mom, to be with her and help her get through this crap.  Trip number four to Belgium in less then a year all cancer related trips which sucks.  I was hoping my next trip would be for a happy occasion not another anxiety trip full of worry.  I'm usually a very happy optimistic person I would say and my glass is always half full ... not half empty but I must say ... these days it's starting to look more empty every day.   I want to say thanks to my hubby and daughter for supporting me through this year, they are not joining me on this trip but are always there for me when I reach for the phone, my Ipad or e-mail.  Thank God for technology!  Mom does enjoy it when I facetime with them while I'm with her. 

I'm hoping to be back on April 22nd so for the time being I have closed both my BitsOfFiber and PurplePlatypus shops.  If all goes as planned I will re-open them on the 23rd of April.  Thanks for understanding. 

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