Friday, March 23, 2012

Treasury time!!

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog with treasuries but I couldn't get it to work on my mom's dinosaur computer.  So bear with me as I'm going to play "catch-up" on my treasuries!

This first one is called "FELT SPRING' featuring my needle felted hedgehogs  .  The curator  Here is their shop announcement: "Welcome to our shop. Thank you for being here. In our shop you will find different home and garden decorations. They are all made by the persons who are living with us in our Thomashuis, Lexmond in the Netherlands. They all have a mentally handicap and like to make things. All products are made of used materials.
We like to answer all your questions."

Next is "LETS treat MOM FOR EASTER" featuring my wire birds next earrings and necklace  .  The Curator   sells handpainted and Homemade Craft Ideas as well as Vintage Collectible.

Next is "Life Expressions" featuring my felt flower brooch  .  The Curator  sells  beautiful photos.

Next is "Rainbow of color" featuring my   .  The Curator  sells days gone by treasures!

Next is "Lovely" featuring my needle felted pincushion   and my knitted baby mouse hat   .  The Curator   sells   beautiful children gloves and gorgeous yarn!

Next is "Winter's last Hurrah!" featuring my nuno felted scarf  .  The Curator    sells  beautiful knitted and crocheted items.

Next is "Soft Beauty" featuring my little bird which in the meantime flew the nest and has found a nice new family!  The Curator    sells   cool art illustrations and cartoons.

Next is "Wild Life" featuring my needle felted baby seal  .  The Curator  sells fantastic items created using plastic canvas. Many of my items are my own design.

Need to share more of them but that will be it for today.  Not feeling too good, not sure if I have allergies or a cold!

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