Friday, April 20, 2012

Have you ever heard of "Pietepap"?

I haven't had "Pietepap" in a 100 years I think. It's pasta pudding! First you boil the pasta in water, my grandparents used to make it with spaghetti but my mom always used macaroni. It doesn't really matter what kind of pasta you use for this, to me it tastes good with any kind of pasta. Drain the water off the pasta, then put the pasta with milk and sugar in a pot and bring it to a boil. Mix some vanilla pudding powder with a bit of milk in a cup and once the milk with the pasta starts to boil you thicken it with the vanilla pudding powder mixture. You need to make it a bit more runny then a regular pudding. I used to make it when I had a bit of left over pasta from a dinner dish. You have to eat it while it's still nice and warm. You can keep left overs till the next day but your Pietepap will be a lot thicker by then since the pasta will absorb a lot of the liquid from the pudding. A friend of mine who's mom always made it with macaroni used to call it macaroni pudding but it's the same thing. As a young child I used to make a game out of eating it with my grandfather. We used to slurp the long spaghetti's of the Pietepap. I remember my grandmother yelling at my grandfather for doing so, but we would both ignore her and keep on slurping our "Pietepap"! So guess what I had for dessert tonight here at mom's house? A nice big bowl of Pietepap! It was delicious! I think I might have the left over for breakfast tomorrow. Kids love this dish!

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