Monday, April 2, 2012

Moms surgery and my Easter Treasury featured

After a bad start this morning things turned out ok with my mom. First she was told they couldn't locate the cancer on the scan anymore! So she was told probably no surgery but then 3 hrs later things changed and she was told surgery will happen, they were going to look for it and I mean really looking for it by opening the mastectomy cut she got about four weeks ago!!! Needless to say, frustration,anger and being scared is what we had to deal with. In the meantime surgery is behind her, they supposedly found what they were looking for and removed it. At this point we don't have any other details then that so we are still frustrated and confused but happy mom is doing pretty good for now. Hopefully we will be able to get more info tomorrow as to what the deal is, what they removed, how bad it is, chemo and or radiation still on the menu? Very emotional day it was indeed. Now to change the subject, one of my Easter treasuries is being featured on It's a madcap life blog! So hop on over and find my treasury "Bunnies, chicks and more!". Here is the link:

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