Saturday, April 21, 2012

Treasuries, confusing keyboard and heading back

First I want to say thank you to those of you who featured any of my shop items in all those lovely treasuries these last couple of weeks. I usually feature those treasuries on this blog but since I've been out of the country for almost two months taking care of my mother I haven't been able to do so. I couldn't get it to work properly on my I pad. Then I tried using my moms laptop! Oh boy, it's a dinosaur from 2000 AND it has the AZERTY keyboard. Which in itself isn't that bad except because it's a 12 yr old computer the keys have been used A LOT so most of the description on top of the keys are worn off which made it impossible for me to work right. But I'm heading home this weekend so once I'm back in the swing of things I will be making treasuries again and feature the once my items are in as well. I made a bunch of new things during my stay here in Belgium but I will need to take photos first to get them listed in my shop. Now some good news - mom gained 3 kilos this past week! Yeahhhhhh, I'm so happy about that. She lost so much weight since dad got ill with lung cancer, the passed away last summer and then she got diagnosed having breast cancer which only added to her loosing weight. But now that she decided not to go for chemo and radiation she isnt all stressed out anymore, has been able to focus on eating more and will hopefully gain another 6 kilos soon which would bring her back to her normal weight. Of course having me her has helped her with eating and trying different foods and dishes so I hope that when I leave she will continue with that. Alright folks, this is my last day in Belgium. Got to pack my suitcase. I'm sad having to leave my family again but happy to go home to be with my kid, my husband and the animals ... And my own computer as well! Come back soon to find more treasuries and pictures of all the new things I made and will be listed in my Etsy shops.

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