Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wishes for my mom

So yesterday we found out mom does need chemo and radiation treatments which sucks. She is so darn skinny, barely 80lbs. She took care of my dad who battled lung cancer last year until he passed away during the summer. She kept busy and never sits still which is a good thing but on the other hand she just can't seem to get her weight back up. Having had two surgeries for breast cancer in just one months time hasn't helped of course. And now she is dreading thhaving to go through chemo and radiation, worried about loosing more weight. I must say she eats very well and snacks in between meals the appropriate foods as well, no junk food. The crazy thing is that originally she was told if she went for the masectomy she didn't need any other treatments so that's what she went for. Then we found out something got screwed up during the biopsy and everything changed. So now we are told that when they poked the biopsy needle through a lymphnode they went too far, ended up extracting some of the bad cancer cells from the original tumor through a healthy lymphnode! Oopps!!??? The other story is that when they removed a piece of the original tumor it somehow got lost inside moms arm pit. Its a long story but when she had to go back for another scan and somehow they found another piece of cancer that wasnt there the week before and depending on who we talked too the story changed and thingsmjustmdidnt add up we got really worried. Then when mom was told she needed another surgery to go find that mystery piece of tumor we realized something was really screwed up. Also the fact that the second surgery was going to be done by a different surgeon. The first one was going to asstist we were told. Anyway, We all know things can go wrong nobody is perfect but the least they could have done is explain it to us and don't try to cover it up which they tried to do. What they didn't know is that I lost my best friend to breast cancer, she battled this decease for 15 years. During those years I learned a lot through her as well as doing research on procedures so with asking the appropriate questions and adding 1+1 and knowing it didn't add up to 2, they had to admit something got screwed up and because of it she now does have to go through chemo and radiation because the cancer went from being non-invasive localized to the milk duct to invasive because during the biopsy somebody made a mistake which really really sucks. Anyway, no matter what we say or do is not going to change the fact this happened and mom at 76 has to move on and make the best of this. I don't want to scare anybody out there having to go through this kind of stuff but just be aware sometimes things just don't go the way we want them to go. Now I hope to God mom will be strong enough to make it through her treatments. MI do know this will be a long summer!

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