Monday, June 18, 2012

Huge sunflower from recycled paper

Today I had to make a sign for our Floral Department advertising sunflowers.  I'm into 3D stuff these days so off I went trying to figure out how to make a huge fake sunflower!  After making the roses this seemed a bit easier ... and it was.  I used paper (sign request forms that had been written and drawn on and going to be tossed out), a napkin for the center (which I squished spray painted and then sewed onto a piece of cardboard to keep it in the shape I wanted), a paper plate (which I used to glue the paper cut outs in the middle so the edges of the plate push the paper leaves up and out which gives it a nice effect).  So tadaaaaaa, here is my sunflower!  Should be hanging up in the store by now.  Have I told you lately ... I love my job!  

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