Friday, June 15, 2012

Paper rose brooch

So since June is "Rose Month" I made another rose out of recycled paper and stuck it on top of my name tag at work.   I spray painted the paper with Krylon paint.  Drew a spiral and cut it out.  Then I used a Woodcraft painters pen and smudged the edges a bit.  I then used scissors to curl the edges twisted it into shape and used the hot glue gun to keep it together.  I then cut some leaves from more recycled paper and glued the rose on top of them.  A bit of double sided sticky tape and voila I changed my name to "Rose" today!    

Here are some  lovely tutorials for paper roses I found.  I definitely have to try out some more of these.  

This one I found on a blog with a great tutorial.  Isn't it gorgeous!  The link to it is listed below the photograph.

How to make a paper rose

This next one is a You Tube tutorial for a Spiral Paper Rose.  I just watched it and noticed they rolled the flower in the opposite direction I did and used the round center as the bottom of the rose which is a great idea.  I just glued mine on top of the leaves which worked just as well.

And one more called "Vintage Book Paper Flower Tutorial".  Click on the link below the photo to go to the tutorial.

I don't know about you but my head is spinning with ideas on things to make with these beauties!  

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