Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vanilla cupcake hat with a strawberry on top

I love cupcakes!  The real ones and the knitted or crocheted ones.  I love them all.  My daughter bakes the best cupcakes from scratch.  Her dream is to open a cupcakery sometime down the road.  For me, I'm much better at knitting or crocheting cupcakes.  I do ask her advise on how to top them off, a strawberry or a cherry ... or something else.  So, per her suggestion here is my latest one ... a vanilla with vanilla frosting and a strawberry on top.  It's for sale in my Bitsoffiber etsy shop.  If you click on the link below the picture it will take you right to it.  Next will be a red velvet, with vanilla frosting and I'm not sure yet what the topping will be.  

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