Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another nuno felted scarf


I've been making nuno felted scarves for about 6 years now and still haven't gotten tired of making them.  Each scarf is a work of art, a one of a kind creation.  I love making them since I don't have to follow a set pattern.  My hands just do their thing and ta-daaaaa here is my latest one.  I'm kinda bumming because I'm having a rotator cuff issue in my left shoulder.  I just really really hope I'm not going to need surgery.  But then on the other hand so be it if I do.  Might actually be a good thing, getting it fixed and be pain free after it's all healed.   Except that I won't be able to do nuno felting for a while which would suck.   Wait and see what the doc has to say when I go back on Tuesday.  So for now I'm moving along making some more scarves, kinda in a turtle pace but I'm doing it.   

This one I just finished yesterday.  I'm no longer putting them up in my Etsy shop.  I will have it for sale at the Farmers Market this Sunday so if you are interested in purchasing it from me on-line you will need to let me know before Sunday.  These do tend to sell fast at the Farmers Market that's another reason I don't put them in my Etsy shop at this point.

Let me know what you think.

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