Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 4 after rotator cuff surgery

Had my rotator cuff and slap repair done on Friday.  Been sleeping on the sofa propped up and wedged in so I don't move my arm which is resting in a sling.   Pain hasn't been too bad.  I opted for a nerve block when they did the surgery which lasted for 12+ hours after the surgery.   By then I had taken the oral pain Meds they gave me which did the job when the nerve block stopped working.   Only taking pain Meds now before taking a shower.  This morning I was hurting when I woke up but I think it was because I did all my excersizes yesterday (passive ones for now) and slept for 5 hours straight without moving my arm so it was pretty stiff and letting me know.    After taking it out of the sling doing my excersizes it felt much better again.

Tried knitting a couple of rows with the project laying in my lap and just holding it with my sore arm (left one) and do all the work with my right one.   It works but I certainly don't want to mess anything up so that's all I do 1-2 rows a day.   Crocheting won't be on my to do list for a while, tried it very carefully but that's a no go for sure for now.   Needle felting I will attempt today just have to figure a way on how to hold it.    Drawing and painting seems to be the more logical thing to do for now to keep myself busy besides reading.   I still have some items I need to list in my shop so that's something else I can do for now.

I read a lot about rotator cuff surgery before I had mine done so I know what to expect and yes it is painful especially the PT part but I'm hoping this will pass and by the time spring arrives I'll be knitting, crocheting, felting and making signs again without being in pain.

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