Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Farmers Market - Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that I WILL be at the market this coming Sunday, October 14th.  This will be my last regular market for the season as I'm going to need surgery on my shoulder.   I'm not sure yet if I will be able to attend the Christmas Market(s) at the Archwood Green Barns which are going to be in December.  It all depends on how I'll be doing by then.   I managed to tear my Labrum in my left shoulder so they are going to fix it and will also give my rotator cuff a tune-up.   I'll be in a sling for 6 weeks which I'm not looking forward to.  I'm sure I'll figure out a way to knit and crochet with that sling on as long as my PT lets me!  I'm not going to be making any nuno felted scarves till I'm completely healed.  I know there are other ways to make them since I roll all mine by hand but I feel I have other things I like to explore during this down time.  So stay tuned!

As far as the Holiday (Christmas) Market(s), I will definitely put something here on my blog about it so come back and visit my blog for more info in the next couple of weeks.

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