Friday, October 26, 2012

Frustration running on high and treasuries

It's been a week since my surgery.  Doing pretty good considering.  I slept in my bed last night, woke up every couple of hours but I'm getting used to that by now.  Got to move that arm to prevent it from freezing up so I make myself get up to move around, getting that sling off and do my exercises.   Then back to bed, staring at my arm sticking up in the air trying to get comfy with that stupid belt which has metal in it to keep my arm in place.  Can't really feel the metal since they designed it with padding in all the right places but it still is a royal pain in the derriere when you have to sleep with it on.

Got up at 5:30 am which is my normal hour when I go to work and was pretty proud of myself I slept in our bed, no more couch or sofa for me for now.  And then it hit me, highly frustrated with it all.   There are a million things to get done in and around the house, with my on-line shop and business and I have all the time in the world to do it now ... except I can't ... not with my broken wing!  Good thing my hubby understands were I'm coming from, he has been there himself and has been waiting for me to hit this point.  So we had a good chat, a box of Kleenex and a half-way hug (because I can not even hug properly with that damn contraption on!) later he left for work.  So here I am left with all this freedom and not much I can do ... my house is my prison for now.

It's a couple hours later by now ... I'm done feeling sorry for myself.  I did manage to make a couple of treasuries on Etsy which I will share.  I have some more photos to adjust so I can list the items in Sofie's shop.   My broken wing is mending which is a good thing, I just have to accept its going to take time.

































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