Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh so soft Mice baby booties and my broken wing

So I tried sleeping in our bed 2 nights ago but that only lasted for a couple of hours.   I did prop myself up with strategically placed pillows but I found myself awake an hour later with my broken wing (as my husband calls it) hurting.  So off I went downstairs this time trying out the big couch instead of the sofa chair which had been working for me its just that I really wanted to sleep in a lower position.  So for these past 2 nights I've been sleeping on the big sofa.  My slinged arm wedged between the back of the sofa, pillows and my body.   I try not to get frustrated but I must say it's driving me nuts sometimes.   I usually get up and go non-stop all day long doing things but this broken wing has really messed up my speed.  I know its only temporary (I hope!) and pretty soon (well if you consider 3 months to be soon!) I'll be able to fly again using both of my wings.

Didn't take any pain meds yesterday.  I'm not trying to be a tough cookie, they put me to sleep which was fine for the first couple of days, believe me I needed them then for the pain.  The pain I get now is mostly when I do my PT.  I do get a dull ache or pinches sometimes not doing anything at all but those only last for a short time.  Still using ice packs which are probably helping to control the pain as well.

I'm so glad I still have bunches of items to list in our shops since I can use the PC with one hand for now.  So for today I listed these oh so soft mice baby shoes I made.  

Here is the link for them:

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