Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unique gift for those feline lovers - felted cat fur/hair earrings

Our cat Azzie (Azriel) became part of our family when we were living in Alice Springs, Australia.  We adopted her from a friend of ours and when we moved back to the US she came along.  She ended up spending 3 weeks in a kennel in Sydney before she finally flew to Los Angeles where we picked her up.  She's been with us for 8 years now.  She's always been an indoor cat who loves to get brushed.  Since she seems to shed year round brushing her is a good thing.  If we don't brush her she gets matted even though she is a short hair cat. Needless to say I collect lots of hair from her so one day when I was brushing her I realized how good that fur felts so I when ahead and tried turning it into a bead, and voila!   Here you have it ... Azzie earrings!  I've been selling them at the Farmers Market and now I just listed them in Sofie's shop.  If you want to see more photos and are interested in purchasing a pair hop on over and check it out.  I have some more I will add in the next couple of weeks.  Now if you have a kitty of your own that sheds a lot and would love to get a pair of earrings made from her or his fur send me an e-mail and lets discuss.  I can felt with lots of different fibers but depending on what the hair/fur looks and feels like it's not always possible to felt with it so best thing to do is contact me and let's chat. 
Here is the link that will take you to the earrings listed in our Etsy shop:

These are Sterling Silver

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