Friday, November 16, 2012

1 in 16 treasuries

One of the teams I belong to on Etsy does a 1 in 16 on Fridays to promote the items being sold in the 16 shops represented in the treasury.  A treasury consists of 16 different shops.  The Curator can not include her/his own shop, only the other 16.  I love making treasuries as you can probably tell from looking at my blog.  To me it's like painting a pretty picture and the challenge is making that picture as pretty as possible using only what you can find on Etsy.  Now in the 1 in 16 it becomes even more challenging because you have to pick an item from each of the shops on your list so the choices are a lot more limited compared to when you make a regular treasury which means you have a bejilion choices from all the shops on Etsy and that's a LOT of shops.  The whole thing about making treasuries is trying to get it on the Front Page of Etsy, which means the items listed in that treasury (and hopefully their entire shop) will benefit from getting lots and lots of views of people wanting to get a closer look at what the item (and the rest of the shop) is all about and buy it.  No we do not get paid for all the clicking and buying you and everybody else does by looking at these treasuries we hopefully just get somebody to purchase either the item(s) listed on the treasury or something else from our shop.  But clicking and viewing the items in our treasuries does make a treasury "hot" which means it's part of the magic calculation Etsy Admin uses to put a beautiful treasury on the front page.  So the more you click the better our chances to get noticed and onto the Front Page!   The treasury I made for the 1 in 16 this week is listed in the post below named "Hot to trot!".   Today I wanted to list all the treasuries that were made with an item listed in our MauveMoose shop so I bet ya there will be lots of mice floating around!  I will be adding more treasuries to this post as the day moves on and the treasuries we are in are posted.  Thanks for looking and feel free to click away it's very much appreciated!


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  1. You are the treasury making Queen! Great blog entry!