Saturday, November 3, 2012

A little bright hat to cheer you up!

Yeah, finished another little hat which I had knitted before my surgery ... just needed to add some bobbles.  I figured with having to get my shoulder fixed I wouldn't be able to knit for a bit so I knitted and crocheted a bunch of items ahead of time and left the finishing touches for doing after the surgery.  I must say ... this is working out very well.  I am able to knit a little bit at a time right now, it's been two weeks since the surgery.  And yeahhhhh, I can type using both my hands now.  Still have to take it easy.  I can tell this healing is going to take a long time.  

Anyways, here is the little bright apple green hat I just listed in my shop.  I'm working on finishing up another one which is for a smaller baby, more like a newborn to 3 month old.  That one is a dark moss green and will have off white crocheted buttons on it with red thread in the middle.  Not sure yet what will be on the top, either a tassel or something else.

This little hat has been sold

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