Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sleeping on my back, another hat and one more book

I'm soooooo tired of sleeping on my back with this darn sling on.  I find myself laying almost completely flat on my back although I start the night with still being propped up on two pillows and another one underneath my left arm to keep it in place.  The sling makes it so my arm sticks up in the air due to the metal thing it rests on and which is attached to my waist.  Went to my follow up appointment and yeahhhhh only two more weeks wearing this darn sling!  Then physical therapy can start which part of me is looking forward too but I know it's going to be painful so not looking forward to that part of this ordeal.  In the meantime I can type and do some things like sewing and knitting but only a few rows at a time although I must say I've moved up to about 10 rows.  Doc was impressed by the range of motion I have in the shoulder he did surgery on so that was good to hear.  Only thing that really bugs me is that when I do move my shoulder like when I take the sling off for my passive exercises or to get dressed I can actually feel (not as in touching it with my hand) but more mentally I guess is the way to describe it, where the anchors are located in my shoulder joint.  Kinda weird, but that's where it hurts the most when I move my shoulder.  That's the spot where he reattached the labrum and I realize that needs to heal and hopefully that feeling will go away by then.  Anyway, I just can't wait to start stretching that arm out and hopefully down the road without any pain doing just that.  

Alright, enough about my shoulder ... on to fun things ... I just sewed together this cute little red hat I made and crocheted the white pom poms.  Doesn't it look cute!  I started making a smaller version of this one since it doesn't take much effort to knit these and my arm is getting better I hope to get this one done for the December 2nd Christmas market I will attend.  More about that in a different post since I don't have all the details for it yet.  I'll be out of my sling by then!!!  Yeahhhhh!!!  I figure I will take it along tho because I know I'll be stretching and reaching for things across the table when I'm at the market.  Thank God my 16 yr old is going along with me to set up and help me, I really wouldn't be able to do this without her at this point.  



Then I also just listed another one of my knitting books.  I have way too many books on hand and need to make room for other books!  Sounds like the perfect excuse to buy some more.  These books are in excellent condition and could even be purchased to give as a gift to somebody who loves knitting obviously!  They are listed in my BitsOfFiber shop on Etsy.  The Minnow Knits book by Jil Eaton has the cutest most unique outfits I've seen in a long time.  Wish I had more time to knit when my daughter was little.  Here is the link to this one:

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