Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chocolate mirage?

Who doesn't like chocolate???  I'm sure there are some people that don't care for chocolate ... must say I haven't met too many of them.  Funny thing about chocolate ... I was born and raised in Belgium and moved to the US when I was 18.  When my parents used to come and visit me I always asked them to bring me back Belgium chocolate.  Usually the Cote d'or brand, my favorites are the ones filled with banana cream or the coconut filled bars.  Yummmm.  Back then you couldn't find these in the Bay Area where I used to live.  Now the grocery store where I work carries them so no need to have them shipped from Belgium anymore.  The funny thing is that when I went back to Belgium to visit my family they (usually my dad and my brother) asked me to bring back Hershey's chocolate, they thought that was the cat's miauw!  Everybody thought they were nuts bringing chocolate into the country that's famous for it's own chocolates????  But, they like it.  Just like my dad always liked the Miller Light when he came to visit even though Belgium has sooooooo many breweries and great beer!  Kinda silly isn't it.  Anyway, I was craving chocolate today so I couldn't resist making this treasury.  Enjoy the chocolate!  

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