Friday, December 28, 2012

What's your New Year's resolution?

So I want to make a couple more treasuries for this challenge on one of the Etsy teams I'm on.  It has to be related to New Years so this one I made with food in mind.  So many people have dieting as one of their New Year resolutions.  I've never been on a diet but I try to always eat the right foods.  Growing up in Belgium I visited the Farmers Market every Thursday morning.  Most of the time I purchased a certain pastry which you can't find here in the US.  It's called cremekoek.  They are a square pastry consisting of a very light almost puff pastry type dough and is filled with a yellow custard.  You can get them with either powdered sugar on top or a layer of chocolate. Yummmmm!!  Now I'm craving one!!  My daughter fell in love with them as well so every time we're in Belgium we have to have our cremekoeken.  I have a recipe to make them but they never turn out tasting like the ones from Belgium.   Anyways, here is the treasury I made.  If you click on the different pictures it will take you to an individual shop which has even more cool stuff to offer then what you see here so check it out.  And no, I do not get paid for you clicking on the pictures of these treasuries.  Thanks for looking!

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