Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Who gives a hoot???

Well, I do!!!  As you can see from the photo's below.  I love owls.  Lots of folks seem to like owls.  So this year I made a few little owl ornaments that also can be used in many other ways such as using it as a key chain, turn it into a little pocket pet, put a safety pin on the back if you want to wear it as a brooch, use it on top of a present for somebody special, hang it on the mirror in your car, and a perfect stocking stuffer or whatever else you would like to do with these little guys.  They are up for grabs in my shop and I will have them at the Christmas Market in The Plains, Virginia this coming Sunday.  I sold some last Sunday so don't wait too long to purchase the one you like as I can't promise you it will stick around very long.  They are all a little bit different and since I make them from fulled wool sweaters when that fabric is used up that's it.   So hurry on over to the   http://www.etsy.com/shop/MauveMoose    and get yourself a cute little owl! 

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