Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mice, a OOAK Child toy and some crocheted pincushions

I've had these crocheted doilies laying around for wayyyyy to long so I decided to finally make something with them.  Pincushions would be perfect.  I have a bunch more of the round ones which I was going to turn into something else at one point but never got to it so instead I made these pretty pincushions with them.   They make for a perfect Valentine Gift or Mother's Day gift as well so hop on over to my BitsOfFiber shop and check out everything about them.

 I also crocheted this little red bag which holds 3 love mice!  I made them from fabric which has a heart pattern.  They would also make for a cute Valentine Gift for a young lady.  This is for sale in my BitsOfFiber shop as well.  Click on the link below the picture to get to the listing in my shop.

 Then I also listed more mice in our MauveMoose shop.  Perfect for Valentine's Day, St. Patricks' day and the special ones made out of the breast cancer awareness fabric are perfect any day of the year.  I'm sure your cat(s) would be very happy to have one of these!



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