Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catching up

Have a couple more treasuries we made these past couple of days and didn't get the chance to list them here so I'm trying to catch up.  

I can't believe I still haven't gotten over this flu/cold bug that's going around.  The three of us have been fighting it for more then a month now.  I'm sick of being sick!!!  Please make this bug go away!!  On the other hand, my shoulder is doing great.  Went to PT again today and have almost all of my range of motion back, yeahhhh!  Now for those of you who are going to have this type of surgery done in the future ... make sure you do go to PT, it makes a huge difference.  I've talked to many people now who had this type of surgery done and they ended up not going to PT for the amount of time that was suggested to them by the surgeon.  Just saying ... if you want to get that range of motion back make sure you go to your PT and do the exercises at home!!

Alright, enough said here are the treasuries I wanted to share with you.

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